Any Time, Anywhere Access

Our cloud-based portal provides immediate access to marketing assets, allowing your sales team to quickly and easily access, download, print or email. They can also favorite their most useful tool and easily share files with prospects and customers.

Manage and Distribute Content

Updates and changes to assets are quickly managed through an easy to use Content Management System (CMS).  Change information once, and it's updated in every occurrence in the CMS. Content is instantly available to your team via mobile apps and web portal.

Analytics that actually matter

Find out what content works and what doesn't. What's being shared, and more importantly, opened. Optimize content for your team.

Keep compliAnt

Keep all your content compliant and up-to-date by ensuring that all materials in the CMS have been through the appropriate regulatory channels.

Annotate Content

Compose and distribute notes and descriptions for pages, sections and files to give your team more insights into content, best practices, learnings and how to best communicate the information you rely on to make sales.

EMPower your teams

Improve productivity and efficiency with a one-stop shop for your sales team, partners and distributors to access what they need, when they need it.

A Better Way to Manage Information.

Our customized CMS allows you to develop, publish content that’s stored securely in the cloud, saving time and money and providing peace of mind that your sales team is using the most up-to-date and accurate materials.

  • Web App CMS
  • Customized
  • Cloud Based
  • Secure
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Make it easy for your reps

With all their selling materials and collateral at their fingertips, reps can easily access, demonstrate and share information to improve their close rates.

Stop the insanity

Tired of rep requests for the same info over and over again. We got you covered.

Single Source of Truth

Worksource is your single source of truth for all your sales, marketing and training collateral.

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A tool like this supersedes a silly process, we just need something that works to give us access to information that we use on a daily basis.

Small Med Device Company Rep

It puts everything in one spot and provides access to every single thing that we could ever want.

Med Device Company Distributor Rep

I've got 2 minutes with a doc. With Worksource I can access and share information so much quicker and easier than with Box

Sales Rep

Let's get to work

Customized Apps

Your App. Customized to the way you work.

Real Time Updates

Instantly communicate changes and updates to your team using using in-App messaging.

No More Calls to Sales & Marketing

Reps get direct access to all your up-to-date promotional and clinical marketing information

Sell More Now

Spend less time digging through your promotional materials. Focus on selling.


Find out what collateral is working and what is not. Optimize your reps' selling.

Move Beyond Paper

Paper handouts and leave-behinds are costly and outdated. Want to share? Email a copy!

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