Worksource vs Basecamp

Basecamp is an excellent project management software platform. Users can organize and manage projects with ease using Kanban boards. Think of a Kanban board as a bunch of post-it-notes with "to-dos" on them. These to-dos are the basis of project management and allow project managers to keep track of what needs to be done (tasks) and who is responsible for doing them. These "post-it-notes can also be easily assigned and moved about to various category statuses such as to do/in progress/in testing/complete etc to further manage what tasks are at what stage of a project.

Basedcamp has a feature where by you can assign documents to projects, but it is specific to projects and doesn't work the way Worksource works. Worksource is a smart repository, that allows administrators to easily organize, manage and distribute collateral for sales enablement and office integration. It connects Sales, Marketing, Training teams by housing all current and compliant collateral so it is easily accessible are readily available for field base employees to access and share via an app on their smart phone, tablet or desktop. Any thing they need is at their fingertips and allows them to effectively sell and communicate with prospects and clients.