Users, Groups & Guides

We’ve improved the “Permissions Architecture” for determining who can see what. We organize all the content in Guides and then allow those guides to be accessed and seen via users and groups.


Guides are like binders, used to organize materials in a logical fashion. There is no limit to the number of Guides you create, and the materials and documents that you upload can be part of multiple Guides.

Best of all, when you replace or delete a document in a Guide, the change is made to all Guides that document resides.


Users are the people you have provisioned for the app. Access to guides are given to users when you make them a “Member of a Guide”. This can be done on a one-off-basis or at a Group level.


A Group is a cohort of users and is a more efficient way to allow access to a Guide to several ‘same type’ users. Access to guides can be given to Groups when you make the Group a 'Member of the Guide’